Prof. MUDr. Michael Halaska, DrSc.

Professor of Charles University in Prague

Urogynaecologist caring for patients with prolapse of vagina and uterus and urinary incontinence. Specialist in reconstruction of pelvic organs and of labia Bulovka Hospital and 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague


Charles University in Prague



Dept. Obstet.Gynecol. of District hospital Pilgram


1st Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of General Faculty Hospital

1996- 2004

Vice-Dean for Foreign Relations of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University
Vice-Chairman of the 1st Dept.of Obstetrics and Gynecology of General Faculty Hospital


Director of the Dept.Obstet.Gynecol. of Charles University and of Bulovka Hospital

Foreign experiences - Visiting surgeon

University of London-St. Georges Hospital

University of Berlin- Charité Hospital

Brickham Women Hospital of University of Cambridge, Boston

Foreign operational stays

University of Jena

University of Frankfurt

University of Wien

University of London, St. Georges Hospital

University of Lisbon

Organizational achievements


Founder and first chairman of the Czech Urogynecological Association


Founder and first chairman of the Czech Senological Association


Chairman of the International Continence Society World Congress in Prague


Founder and first chairman of the European Urogynaecological Association

Chairman of the International Urogynaecologic Association World Congress in Prague

Professional Firsts

Introduced and taught following methods of the treatment of prolapse and urinary incontinence in Czechia:

Sacrospinous fixation Amreich-Richter

Prague Stitch for prolapse

Barnett-Macku method of incontinence surgical treatment

Tension-free Vaginal Tape- retropubic

Tension-free Vaginal Tape- transobturator

Prolift mesh for the treatment of prolapse

Promedon- minimal surface mesh for prolapse

All vaginal operations in sole local anesthesia- no general or spinal narcosis



Slezská 111, Prague 3

+420 603 111 222